Arm the Rebels

Our philosophy at Bottomless is that it's not about how big you are. It's about how great your coffee is.

Big coffee corporations have the infrastructure to mass-produce your coffee, ship it to Amazon, and store it in warehouses for months. Freshness? An afterthought.

For a local roaster who is passionate about their craft - that model doesn't work. They want every bag that's roasted and delivered to be the best cup of coffee you've ever had. And we do too.

We seek to revolutionize the coffee experience for our users, and level the playing field for local roasters across the country. With our predictive ordering model, small roasters can maintain their quality AND grow their business.

Anyone with consistent fulfillment and great roasts can succeed on Bottomless.

In fact, our top vendor by volume is a one-man roaster out of Billings, MT. Big names are cool, but we're also here to arm the rebels.

Revel Coffee

Billings, MT

It started with a 16 year old teaching himself to roast coffee at home. Now Gary Theisen is the owner of Revel Coffee Roasters. He does all of the roasting himself, and with great success. His Ethiopia Wush Wush was ranked Top 10 in the nation by Coffee Review in 2020.

Hold Fast Coffee Co.

Colorado Springs, CO.

Hold Fast is a small team with a big heart. From sourcing to roasting, training to building partnerships, they do it all with others in mind. Their philosophy is "Anything that helps you reach your goals, or even just makes your day a little better—we'll do it." And they'll definitely make your day better with their awesome coffee.

Stamp Act Coffee

Seattle, WA

Founded by a Seattle local, Andrew Kent has spent time on all sides of the coffee industry. He grew up as a barista in Seattle, worked with coffee growers in Ethiopia, created a roasting company in Singapore, and lived for years in Australia. The Stamp Act dream was simple: return to Seattle and introduce his overseas experience to the local coffee scene.

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