New Roaster Alert: Notion Coffee ☕️

Notion Coffee from Kansas City, MO available via 🔥

Like many roasters, Notion focuses on sourcing the best beans from around the world and roasting them to perfection. What makes Notion special is that they deliver on this promise in spades. Notion's motto is "actually good" and we couldn't agree more. 🔥

We sample a lot of coffee and it's rare for us to be as blown away as we were when we tried Notion. One of our team members even took a sample bag home with them! 😜

Our favorite we sampled was the Guatemala San Martin. The cup came out with a well rounded, nutty flavor while still showcasing the bright fruity notes showcased on the packaging.


Retro Espresso - Medium Dark


A modern take on a Northern Italian style espresso blend. Designed with the goal of creating a dynamic and crowd-pleasing espresso. Expect a rich, full-bodied, and syrupy espresso with lots of crema and notes of dark chocolate, walnuts and citrus. Because of the varying availability of coffee crops, the coffees that make up Retro Espresso will periodically change, whilst maintaining (or improving) the same flavor profile. Currently Retro Espresso is a four-part blend of two different Brazils, a Sumatra and an Ethiopia.

Colombia, decaf 🇨🇴 - Medium


This ain’t your grandpa’s decaf. This sugar-cane processed coffee from Colombia yields unprecedented sweetness. It is smooth, roasted to be clean and not bitter. Expect flavors reminiscent of raisin, orange juice and cashew.

Component Blend - Medium


Inspired by the individual regional components that makeup one fantastic coffee, Component is the result of meticulous experimentation in search of a blend of coffees that is exceptionally versatile. Our favorite application for Component is as espresso. In definite American style, Component is the ultimate daily espresso – sweet, creamy, balanced and bright but not overly acidic. Because of the varying availability of coffee, the coffees that make up Component will periodically change, whilst maintaining (or improving) the same flavor profile. Currently Component is a two-part blend of a natural Brazil and a honey Honduras.

Ethiopia, Edido 🇪🇹


Edido is named for the prestigious milling station in Ethiopia - Idido (Edido), from which it hails. Edido fully lives up to the hype and then some. Expect an intensely floral and fruit-forward cup with a balanced acidity and a clean sweetness.

Guatemala, San Martin Organic 🇬🇹 - Light Medium 💡


Guatemala San Martin is Notion's first organic coffee offering! Typically we aren't inclined towards certified organic coffee's for two main reasons. One being because of the challenges posed by the certification process to our amazing community of coffee farmers and producers around the world who wouldn't be able to create such good coffee without good farming practices. The other reason being that typically organic certified coffees are planning on the "organic" label being the selling point, rather than the flavor. That being said, we are excited to offer this coffee because it is DELICIOUS. Expect a beautifully bright, yet rounded cup with a juicy body and strong notes of honey-crisp apple, red grape, hibiscus and a raisin bran cereal finish.

Sumatra, Mount Kerinci 🇮🇩 - Light Medium


Sumatra Mount Kerinci is a honey processed coffee unlike any we've had from Sumatra. Kerinci has a profound complexity that covers a broad spectrum of flavors from pineapple to vanilla to bell pepper. It's true beauty, however, is found in a vibrant acidity boasting an abundance of fruits like lemon, red apple, clementine, grape & mango. This is NOT a boring coffee.