The 23 Best Uses of Your Coffee Time 

If you spend even just 10 minutes a day drinking coffee, in a year, you spend over 60 hours on coffee time! We’ve probably spent most of our coffee time hurriedly responding to emails or driving frantically to a meeting we’re already late for or maybe just staring into space. But what are other, more constructive uses of our coffee time? How can we use coffee as a way to develop better morning and daily habits? 

Here’s 23 ideas on the best uses of your coffee time. Through these activities, you strengthen your body, mental health, relationships, and professional journeys. 

Social Activities 

Coffee is traditionally a social activity. You meet people for coffee and catch up with friends over a cup of coffee. How can we bring the social fun back to our coffee rituals? 

Call a friend. Pick up the phone and reconnect with someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. There’s nothing better than having a wonderful conversation and strengthening your relationships over a cup of coffee. 

Have technology free family time. While many of us may live with our parents, siblings, partners, and children, we spend most of the day in our separate rooms or corners of the house/apartment working on our laptops and texting on our phones. How much time do we really truly spend with our families? Definitely not enough! Make coffee your family ritual where everyone starts the day off by sitting together without technology or work distractions and spending genuine time together before work and life inevitably take over. 

Browse social media. As toxic as it may be, at the end of the day, we all can’t stay away from social media, and to be fair, there are many great things that come from social media. If you haven’t found time to catch up on your Facebook feed or want some extra time to watch funny TikTok videos or cute cat photos on Instagram, do so while enjoying your morning coffee. 

Fun Activities 

Not everything has to be about productivity! While coffee gives us energy, not all of that energy has to go toward work. Here’s several ideas on how to use your coffee time for fun. 

Journal. Journaling is an incredibly effective way to reflect. But we’re often so busy that we don’t carve out time to either journal or reflect through other means. As you’re drinking your coffee, take a few minutes to write in your journal. Simply document what’s on your mind. Or to start the day on a more positive note: write down 3 things you’re grateful for, 3 things that made you happy the day before, or 3 things that you’re excited about. 

Reflect. Perhaps you’re not big on journals, but you can still take the time to reflect. When you’re drinking your coffee, intentionally check in with yourself. How are you feeling overall? What specific emotions do you feel? Why? What’s bothering you? What’s motivating you? Are you making progress toward your personal and professional goals at your desired pace? Is there anything you should add to your life or cut out? 

Meditate. Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to meditate more? We all think we’ll certainly have 10 minutes a day to meditate, but the mornings are always busier and crazier than we expect, and gradually, we lose the “me” time we crave and need. Carve out your morning coffee time as meditation time. Follow along a quick exercise in Calm or Headspace. Or if you’re looking for more breathe based meditation, try Breathwrk. 

Read a book. Enjoy some technology free time over a cup of coffee through pulling out a good old fashioned book. We’re all guilty of reading much less than we aim to or would prefer. Even just a few pages a day can help us make greater progress toward our reading goals and help us learn and experience much more over time. 

Read a blog or newsletter. We have all subscribed to way too many newsletters and certainly more than we can easily keep up with. Take a few minutes to read a newsletter that you’ve been meaning to for a while. It’s an effective way to learn something new quickly and start the day off on the right foot! 

Listen to a podcast. Maybe you’re more of an audio than visual learner. Or maybe you’re just trying to stay away from screens in the morning. Listen to a podcast! It’s a great, immersive way to learn in a style and medium that better suits you. 

Listen to a song. Maybe you’re not in a learning mood. No problem - play your favorite song on Spotify and sing along. It’s a cathartic and fun way to start your day! 

Knit. Have you been working on a scarf or sweater that’s been taking forever to finish? Use your coffee time as a dedicated time to make progress on your knitting. A little each day goes a long way. 

Online shop. Maybe you prefer to buy rather than create your clothing. Take the time to shop online. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s often fun to just virtually window shop. 

Paint. Looking for a creative outlet? Or have a paint by numbers kit you’ve never gotten to use? Do some painting while drinking your morning coffee. Go for some abstract art or test yourself by painting the scenery outside or objects around your house. 

Watch the sunrise. Does anyone wake up early enough to see the sunrise? Maybe you’ve been meaning to but never made time to witness this beautiful, peaceful moment of the day. Take your coffee outside and enjoy the sunrise one early morning. 

Sit on your porch. There’s something wonderful about just sitting on your porch, technology free and just listening to the birds chirping, feeling the slight breeze on your face, and watching the sun climb ever higher. Take the time to enjoy the wonderful nature around you over your morning cup of coffee!  

Play with your dog. Even during remote work, your pets miss getting attention from you during the day! Use your morning coffee time to play with your dog or cat. 

Productive Activities 

Of course, the inevitable work and life responsibilities do creep into our mornings sooner than we may like. Here’s how you can start your day on the right foot and set yourself up for success with your coffee time: 

Get through emails. Our inboxes somehow always get full overnight with lots of night owls and people in other time zones sending messages. Take a few minutes to catch up on what you missed and respond to more time sensitive notes with your newfound coffee energy. 

Plan your day. We’ve all been there: getting to the end of the day and realizing we didn’t get through as many to do list items as we hoped. Take the time to prioritize your to do list and move them to time blocks on your calendar. 

Make and eat breakfast. Mornings are often so rushed that we rarely have true time to make a real meal. We all quickly scarf down a piece of toast or a granola bar and get right to our desk. If you’re keen for a real meal in the morning and/or if you just miss authentic breakfast food, use your coffee time to make and eat a true breakfast! 

Water your plants. Always forget to water your plants? Make a point to water them every time you have your morning coffee so you never forget again! 

Active Activities 

You don’t always have to sit down to enjoy your coffee. Here’s some ways to integrate some physical activity in your day during your coffee time. 

Do yoga. We’ve all been guilty of not getting around to exercise as much as we should. Use your morning coffee time to do something positive for your body. Do a quick yoga exercise (follow along with a YouTube video or follow your own flow) while sipping your hot coffee. 

Stretch. Hunching over a computer screen all day surely isn’t doing wonders for our muscles. Almost everyone has felt back, neck, or wrist pain throughout the course of a regular workday. Take a few minutes to stretch your muscles. 

Walk. We all mean to take a daily walk but rarely get around to it as the day gets busier. If you have a portable mug, take your coffee out on a walk with you!  

We hope this guide has helped you rethink coffee time! Have other ideas for best uses of your coffee time? Let us know @bottomless