Since our founding in 1996, Portland Roasting Coffee has sourced our coffee directly from farmers while building sustainable relationships with them and the communities they support.

For more than 20 years, we’ve worked to create lasting connections extending from our local community, to our farmers, our customers, and partners.

These connections are at the heart of our business and allow us to focus not just on coffee but on improving both people and the planet.

About Our Coffee:

At Portland Coffee Roasters, we prioritize fair trade, organic, and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees. We purchase most of our coffee directly from farmers and co-ops that we have known and built relationships with for over 20 years.

All our coffees are fully traceable from farm to cup. Our beans from farms that we have toured and inspected ourselves. Or from trusted importation partners who keep meticulous records about the coffee’s origins. We can track every bag of coffee back to specific farms, often even to exact blocks of those farms.

To learn more about Portland Coffee Roasters and their delicious coffee, visit the shop.