A Note From the Roaster:

At Hold Fast Coffee Co, we believe there's no greater joy than serving people.

It's more than a good attitude and an extra-wide smile. It's what we care about most. Coffee and people—we really can't separate the two. From sourcing to roasting, training to building partnerships, we do it all with others in mind.

We love coffee. It's our passion, our focus, our inspiration. We roast every bean with care, drawing out the flavors to create exactly what our partners want.

We're on your team, and we'll do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

What It Takes to Be a Good Roaster:

You can source the best beans from all over the world, but coffee can only be as good as its roaster. A skilled roaster is an expert in combining thermodynamics and culinary arts to draw out the best flavors in every bean. A scientist and chef in one.

No two coffees are roasted in the same way, and there are a lot of variables that influence the ideal roasting process.

It's up to the roaster to determine what the coffee's level of roast should be, what flavors to bring to the forefront, and the roasting method that will achieve the desired flavor.

The secret is to find the perfect balance of time, heat, and air to release the full complexity of the coffee.

Often roasters will look to the region the coffee was grown in, its density, and water levels, among many other factors, to guide their roasting decisions.

Hold Fast is known for its variety - ranging from tasty blends to single origins. And their roasters are masters at exploring and enhancing the intricacy of every batch.

See for yourself by exploring Hold Fast coffee in the shop.